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“Medicine Degree a Dream Come True,” KIU’s Edwin “Edu” Kenyaga


KIU, Western Campus – When Edwin Kenyaga Ontere left his native Kisumu in Kenya for Ishaka to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery at KIU Western Campus, he had one goal in his mind – going back home a fully qualified medical doctor.

And as he waits for graduation day on Saturday, April 24, Kenyaga, fondly referred to as “Edu” by his close friends, is a satisfied man because his mission is now accomplished.

“I am really happy that I have managed to achieve one of my most desired dreams,” Edu says.

“It has always been my dream since I was a child to be a doctor, and for me to finally realize this in reality is a truly a great achievement on my behalf,” he adds.

Edu attributes his success to the hard work he put into his study schedule. He says he poured all his energies into his studies and trying to glean as much knowledge and skills as he could from all the available learning materials at his disposal.

He says he also tried to avoid distractions as much as possible because he knew and was committed to the cause that had brought him to KIU.

Edu, who will follow the virtual graduation proceedings online at his parents’ home in Kisumu, will start his internship next week in Nairobi.

Edu says he will always have fond memories of his time at KIU, especially his friends with whom he shared many moments, both academic and social.

“Who knows? Maybe one day I could return to Ishaka,” a smiling Edu says.

Congratulations Edu! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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