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“Put Your Whole Heart while Writing your CVs and Cover Letters” Ambrose Kibuuka Tells KIU Students


KIU, Main Campus - Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi, a passionate educationist, Career Consultant, and Board Member KIU, has urged students to develop skills that make them unique in the job market. He said this while speaking to students during a Career Preparedness and Work Readiness Training on Tuesday, 11th October 2022, at KIU main campus.

Kibuuka challenged students to discover their unique gifts that can lead them to high tables of employers.

“You want a job but what's your unique selling point?” Kibuuka asked

Tuesday’s training focused on seven key areas ranging from how to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to spotting invisible job opportunities, Kibuuka tasked students to reflect their values in their cover letters and curriculum vitae in pursuit of jobs.

‘’What is that gift that you are bringing to this organization, to this job you are applying for, what value are you going to add because that is what is going to open the doors for you,’’ he said.

‘’It is not the degree, it is the value you are going to add and the person reading your CV to say, let's listen to that young lady,’’ he added.

Kibuuka advised students to always know how to tell their compelling stories in cover letters and CVs for it is a unique story that every employer looks for before hiring an employee. He used the analogy of a history teacher he met guiding tourists in Germany and the failed Rolex project in Uganda to emphasize the importance of telling a story.

‘’What is your story, because your story is going to translate into a cover letter and when am reading your application letter I must be able to say, I must meet this young lady, I must see this young man,’’ he noted.

In addition, Mr. Kibuuka appreciated Ms. Anita Malinga and the team for organizing and coordinating the Work Place Series training program and encouraged students to always attend these trainings.

“Young people have a lot of potential and as KIU, we are ready to guide them to discover their potential,”

He further advised students to create self-awareness using the Johari Window which will help them better understand their relationship with themselves and others.

The training was also graced by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration (DVC-FA) Prof.Janice Busingye. She advised students to mind their reputation wherever they go.

‘’What you learn along the way matters a lot. The way you behave matters. Leave a mark wherever you are passing,’’ she advised.

‘’Mind on how you treat other students, participate in other university activities apart from attending lectures,’’ she added.

The training was attended by several other top university administrators like Mrs. Schola Akampemuka, the Dean of students, Madam Nakalema Faith, Head Department of Applied Psychology, the Administrator from the Directorate of Higher Degrees, and Research Mr. Alex Kayabula among others.

The KIU Workplace Series is a work readiness programme that offers students a set of workplace skills and behaviors that are necessary for students to exhibit professionalism and achieve success in their chosen careers.

These skills and competencies help the students to learn how to deal with supervisors, co-workers, clients, customers and also help the students to transition and settle into the corporate environment with ease and confidence.