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  • “We do not Condone Gender-Based Violence at KIU” Assoc. Prof Janice Busingye

“We do not Condone Gender-Based Violence at KIU” Assoc. Prof Janice Busingye


While speaking to students during the student’s dialogue on 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on 3rd December 2021, The Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration (DVCFA) at KIU Assoc. Prof Janice Busingye said that KIU does not in any way accept Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

“Gender-Based Violence is a criminal matter that needs to be handled by police, if it’s a criminal matter students should report to the police then the University will play its role as required,”

Assoc. Prof. Janice stated that gender-based violence is very personal and starts from the mind of the perpetrator and that sometimes it is a failure for one to understand their Manhood or womanhood that eventually leads to GBV.

“Your understanding of your Manhood or Womanhood as a human being determines whether you will be a Gender-Based Violence perpetrator or not,” said Prof. Janice

She, therefore, warned students to focus on what brought them to campus, know their value and enjoy life instead of putting themselves in danger.

“Anything gender-related is close to my heart and I am grateful for the invitation to share with KIU students about GBV,” she added.

Today’s students' dialogue ran under the theme “Strengthening the Prevention and Response of SGBV in Universities”

Mrs Bukeni Specioza a psychologist and lecturer at KIU said that survivors of Sexually Based Gender Violence (SGBV) need therapy and that’s why KIU offers Counselling services because the University understands that SGBV affects someone emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

“When SGBV victims are stigmatized at KIU, they are given psychotherapy to help them understand and deal with their fears,” Ms Bukeni Specioza stated.

Student leaders applauded Uganda Women Network for always availing such opportunities to KIU students.

“Guild leadership is ready to work on availing information to students about SGBV and will also facilitate the use of reporting processes of SGBV cases,” Ronald Karuhanga, Guild Prime Minister KIU.

The dialogue was organized by Uganda Women Network in conjunction with Action frontiers and KIU Peer Educators.