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2020/21 KIU Guild Parliament Convenes for the First time since 2020 Elections


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU,Main Campus-The 2020/21 Guild Parliament is convening for the first time to lay the way forward for the calendar year that begun on 2nd  December 2020.Due to uncertainties caused by COVID19,the student’s legislature has been failing to convene since elections.

According to Rt Honorable Angela Mbabazi, the speaker KIU Guild Union, today’s sitting is focused on formulating parliamentary committees that will help parliament in the performance of its duties as provided under Article 110 of the KIU guild union constitution

‘’Today's sitting is mainly focused on formulating different committees that are essential in the operation of parliament as provided for under article 110 of our constitution,’’ Guild speaker, Angela Mbabazi said.

She said that only four committees are provided for by the Guild Union Constitution under article 110. They include the Academic Affairs committee, Trade and investment committee, culture and entertainment and finance committee.

‘’The composition of all those committees is provided under Article 111 of the KIU Guild Union constitution,’’ Angela added.

However, the same constitution under paragraph (e) of Article 110, guarantees the Guild Union parliament to establish ADHOC committees where necessary for example to ensure accountability of different ministries and committees. The most notable committee is the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)