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  • 2023/2024 KIU Guild Union takes Oath as Agaba Replaces Ebye as President

2023/2024 KIU Guild Union takes Oath as Agaba Replaces Ebye as President


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Godfrey Agaba is now officially the Guild President of KIU for the next year after he and his team were sworn in yesterday in a ceremony that was presided over by Assoc Prof.Janice Busingye, the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of finance and administration.

Assoc. Prof.Janice hailed Ebye's regime for serving the students body with utmost dedication and being considerate and cooperative with the administration, especially at a time when the university was recovering from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I congratulate you on the term of service that you have rendered to the administration and fulfilling the mandate of the Guild Union. I know it has not been easy because we were coming out of a difficult period, “she said.

Prof.Janice said that the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and its aftershocks left the University with limited resources and it wasn't able to facilitate the last two regimes as it used to be. She commended Ebye's regime for being patient and understanding.

"You have been understanding, from the administrators ‘point of view, we can't thank you enough, we highly appreciate you for understanding the situation," she said.

She commended the incoming team for taking up the challenge to lead students and implored them to give it their best.

"I urge you to focus and concentrate on the prize but also don't forget what brought you here as well as your role as a leader," she said.

She advised the new Guild Government to use the opportunity to better themselves in terms of lifestyle but also to keep the students' body satisfied so as to maintain the good name of the University.

Assoc. Prof.Janice also asked President Agaba to choose the right cabinet and to ensure that they undertake key student activities with transparency and accountability.

The swearing-in ceremony was led by the University legal advisor Mr. Kamugisha Bellata and also attended by other top administrators among whom was the Dean of Students Affairs Ms.Najjuma Agnes, Deputy Dean Mrs. Kyomuhendo Christine Mutumba, the Campus administrator M.s Judith Ariyo Bakakimpa.