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Abdukadar Muhammed among the best Graduands on KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Muhammed Abdukadar is set to achieve his academic dream in style this Saturday for he will graduate with a first class in Business Administration.

With a CGPA of 4.66, Abdukadar will surely rank among the best on Saturday. Despite being very happy about his achievement, he argues that what matters most is the realization that one's efforts have paid off.

"I feel grateful, am grateful to Allah that all my strives and struggles have been gracefully rewarded. Being on top is not what really matters, what significantly matters is the realization that your efforts and toils have paid off," he says.

Abdukadar attributes his success to the various reading techniques and the conducive environment at KIU.

" I would give credit to the reading techniques I put in place, there are other factors courses like the lecturers and the overall University environment but what I believe has made me stand out from the rest is the study techniques I utilized throughout my degree program," he notes.

"You see I realized that at University we are taught loads of subjects but we are never taught "HOW TO LEARN?" I believe this is a fundamental question that every single student should ask themselves," he says.

"In my endeavor to answer this question, I discovered one could study new material either Proactively or Actively."

He explains that "proactive study techniques include Re-reading, Summarising, and Highlighting however much common these techniques are among students, studies have shown they are not effective and therefore I don't recommend them at all."

"On the other hand, active study techniques are those that engage the readers' brain during and after the course of reading. These however much less common techniques have been proved to be very effective," he adds.

 He also says, "active study techniques include Active-Recall and Spaced repetition. I have utilized these techniques and they have proven to be very effective for me."

Abdukadar is happy with the KIU course structure and which he has had to use to his advantage to the helm of his class.

"I believe the KIU BBA course structure encompasses wholeheartedly every single unit and topic that needs to be covered, it's challenging for sure but this makes the learning curve even more interesting," he says.

"The KIU University environment is nothing short from spectacular, the diverse students from all kinds of backgrounds makes it a place worthwhile being. I would like to thank the University staff for being very welcoming and understanding towards the students."

His dream is to work in Academia. "hopefully I will keep pursuing much high levels than the one I have just completed."