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Access to Health is a Human Right – Prof. Wanyeze


Agnes Kiconco

KIU, Main Campus - As Uganda strives to build a fairer and healthier nation, the Ministry of Health has on Thursday, 15th April, held World Health Day 2021 discussions under the theme “Building a fairer, healthier world” at Kampala Sheraton.

Speaking at the discussions, Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze talked about how COVID is riding on inequities since it has not hit everybody equally.

“COVID has hit everybody but it has not hit everybody equally. COVID is riding on inequities, ably unequalled the inequities, worsened the equities” Prof. Wanyeze said.

Therefore as a resolution to the inequities, we need to take care of the less privileged sections of the society to ensure that no one is left out in the fight against COVID. To make this happen, everyone has to benefit from technology, vaccines, and public health interventions.

“Our health is becoming more dependent on our neighbours' health. That’s why we should look deeper into equality and equity," said Yonas Tegegn the WHO representative to Uganda.

Speaking about inequality and inequity, the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng said the change begins with you to end inequality and inequity so as to fight the pandemic together without leaving anyone behind.

“We are part of the reason there is inequality/inequity in health. But, we can be part of the change to ensure that there is equity and equality. The change begins with you and also with me. We can do it," said the Minister of Health.

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