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Agnes Kiconco Says COVID-19 Lockdown has Taught her the Value of Savings


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Agnes Kiconco, a first-year student of Masters of Science in Mass Communication has disclosed that the current COVID-19 uncertainty has had a tremendous impact on her life.

From learning to appreciate the habit and benefits of saving money to paying attention to her mental and physical wellness, Kiconco, who is also a contributing writer for this website, admitted that she has had to learn the hard way. 

Before the government imposed a lockdown to control the surge of COVID-19 infections first in March 2020 and again in June 2021, Kiconco had never thought about how it feels when you go by without saving some money.

"I really didn't appreciate saving at all, neither did I know the consequences of not saving until COVID-19 struck, bringing with it a lockdown. The consequences have not been that good and for sure I've learnt a big lesson," she admits.

Apart from learning the importance of saving for the future, Kiconco has discovered that it is rather wise to also invest in assets and business. She says that people who invested their money have not been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown as much as those who didn't have any business to depend on.

"I've also learnt that we need to invest in something, at least that thing that is more of an asset than (a) liability. In this lockdown, people who had business or investments have not suffered like those without," She expounds.

The 23-year old is excited to be nearing the end of her first year as a master's student - something she is proudly poised to achieve. She says that she is determined to accomplish her dream of becoming a communications specialist through achieving a Masters of Science in Mass Communication.

Kiconco has been working hard to keep her mind and body in good shape throughout the lockdown. She is now looking forward to resuming studies when the new semester gets underway.

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