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Aine Wants to Act as a Good Chain Between Students and the Administration


KIU, Western Campus  - Collin Aine is a student who believes that in a university, the students body and the management should have a healthy working relationship to achieve the goals of both sides.

That is why he is running for Member of Parliament for Biomedicals so that he can use his position in the next students Guild to achieve this target.

“I want to bridge the gap between students and the Campus administration, because I believe in togetherness and working hand in hand with each other to achieve a common goal,” the second-year medical student told this website ahead of today’s election.

He says he also wants to advocate for class representative appreciation, improve co-circular activities at KIU such as sports debates and cultural galas, increase the unity among students across all schools through organizing social events like the porridge night he organized last Friday and encourage students to get trained in soft skills which can help them in the working environment.

Aine says he is confident of victory because he always believes in positivity not forgetting the fact that he has faith and belief in himself.

He says despite the responsibility that will come with his position if he wins, it will not interfere with his studies because he is someone who knows what to do, when to do it and with this, he will be able to balance his academics with leadership.

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