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Campus Advocacy: KIU set to be the First University to Implement Sexual Reproductive Health Policy in Uganda


KIU, Western Campus – Over 30 KIU Western Campus students’ leaders have reviewed the policy document on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in online consultative meetings on Saturday and Sunday, a significant step towards becoming the first Ugandan university to implement the policy.

SRHR is the concept of human rights related to sexuality and reproduction and includes the four fields of sexual health, sexual rights, reproductive health and reproductive rights.

The virtual meeting, which was held via the Microsoft Teams meeting platform, discussed the policy document which has taken over two years to develop, with most of the input coming from KIU Western Campus students, with support from Reproductive Health Uganda-She Decides project.

The KIU SRHR policy document 2020 provides a framework for increasing access to SRH services and information to students and communities around the university.

According to Henry Wasswa, the Regional Cluster Coordinator for Reproductive Health Uganda, expanding access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services and Rights is a government policy spelt out in various Ministry of Health plans, which KIU is very committed to.

“KIU is committed to a multi-sectoral approach for delivery of rights-based SRHR services and information to the young people of this nation,” Wasswa said.

According to Wasswa, when completed, the policy document will facilitate the integration of health in the culture, structure and processes of the university to improve the health of the members of the university community. It will also contribute to service delivery, academic performance and health of students.

The Team Leader, Oscar Gumisiriza, expressed his gratitude to the Reproductive Health Uganda-She Decides project for involving them in such a crucial tool in the transformation of youth’s health and lives.

“We are very grateful for this opportunity. We have come a long way in developing the policy framework for SRHR, and we now look forward to being the first university to implement it,” he said.

Maureen Asiimwe, the Dean of Students KIU Western Campus, reiterated the university’s commitment in engaging students in joint and participatory discussions to address student concerns and challenges.

“Our flexibility and readiness to address students’ issues in regards to Sexual and Reproductive Health remain a priority of our directorate, and the university as a whole,” Asiimwe said.