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Campus News: Curtain falls on Ariho’s Ambitious Reign as Musiimenta Assumes Office with Big Tasks Ahead.


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus -The reign of Ariho Moses as Guild President officially ended on Saturday 12th December 2020 when he handed over power to Jacob Musiimenta from the school of Law. 

The hand over and swearing in ceremony was only attended by few administrators, and the incoming and outgoing guild officials due to restrictions against COVID-19.

Described as the most ambitious and dynamic Guild president over the years, Ariho Moses leaves very big shoes for his successor to fill. The question of whether Jacob Musiimenta can replicate or even better his predecessor’s record will only need time to answer.

The hand over’s Guest of Honour, vice Chancellor, Dr. Mohammad Mpezamihigo, (in his message delivered by Dr. Mbabazi Mbabazize, the Principal College of Humanities and Social Sciences) commended the outgoing government for selling the image of KIU through embracing national and community leadership as well as inviting international dignitaries for seminars and debates. He urged the new government to follow suit. 

The Dean of Students, Busingye Scholar, commended Ariho’s government for being very ambitious and dynamic. It is upon this that she challenged the new leadership to do all things possible to equal or better Ariho’s government.

‘’I want to sincerely applaud the outgoing guild officials for being very ambitious and dynamic. Surely it would be unfair not to distinguish their good work and for you the incoming government, there awaits big shoes to fill,’’ the dean admitted. 

While delivering his final speech as guild president during the handover ceremony, Ariho urged the incoming Guild government to do their best and correct the wrongs of past governments, maintain their success and introduce new ideas and developments that will keep KIU at the level of high social and academic excellence. 

‘’I call upon the incoming government to uphold our success but also invent new things that will surely keep the standards during the handover ceremony on Saturday 12th December 2020 of this great university high both socially and academically," Ariho said.

Apart from organizing Freshers' Ball in September 2019, Cultural Gala in March 2020, Climate Action Strike in 2019, Sports' Gala in February 2020, as well as buying sophisticated resources like the public address system, a camera and a computer for the Guild Union, Ariho’s government was tremendous in external activities. 

Ariho Moses himself was the Chairman of the Guild Presidents' Association in Uganda during his term of office among other phenomenal achievements.