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Collin Aine Aims at Fighting HIV Through “Operation No Virus”


KIU Western Campus – Collin Aine, a second-year Medical student at KIU Western Campus wants to fight against HIV through sensitizing students about the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections, in conjunction with the CHAI Clinic at KIU Teaching Hospital.

The campaign, which kicked off today with creating awareness on students’ WhatsApp groups, has a vision of “Preventing the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases at Kampala International University.”

The campaign continues tomorrow and goes through to Saturday, in what is a kind of a door-to-door mini-launch, according to Aine.

“We shall get a team of around 20 like-minded medical students and doctors from CHAI clinic, moving from class to class and on Saturday, we shall move door-to-door amongst students’ hostels teaching them how to wear condoms, give out free condoms and other prevention measures,” Aine says.

“We also intend to install condom dispensers in youth-friendly zones around the campus –like toilets- so that those students who feel shy to buy condoms or pick them from health centers can easily access them,” he adds.

The other activities that will be carried out in this awareness campaign include; teaching students how to wear a condom properly and correctly, giving out free condoms, making awareness on the youth-friendly corners around campus that have condom dispensers, informing students about the fertility clinic at KIU Teaching Hospital and informing students where to go in case they need Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

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