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COVID-19 Updates: “Opening Educational Institutions too Risky” – President Museveni


KIU, Western Campus - President Yoweri Museveni has said that opening educational institutions is “too risky” and urged Ugandans to be patient with him on that.

While addressing the country yesterday June 22, the president said, "Nobody who cares about our children is talking about opening the schools now. It is just too risky. Let us be patient."

There had been hope that students in candidate classes would be allowed to resume studies soon as had been suggested by the President in his last address, but these hopes were dashed when the president ruled this out.

Many students at KIU Western Campus expressed their disappointment at this development but agreed that it was necessary to protect students from the risk of being exposed to the Coronavirus.

Sandra Balunga, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy said she felt very disappointed.

“Of course I am disappointed. But we will be fine,” Balunga said.

Another student, Mark Kunihira, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery also expressed his displeasure at the continued closure of education institutions.

“To us university students, we feel bad but also feel left out as we are not even accounted for in the plans of home schooling,” Kunihira said.

“Many of us will hope that we shall be back to school any time,” Kunihira added.

President Museveni has continually stressed that it was useless to rush into allowing students to go back to school and then have to close the schools again after a bigger outbreak.

In his address last night, he also warned that if Ugandans refused to adhere to the government’s lockdown measures and guidelines, COVID-19 transmission could increase or even result into death, something he said would force him to impose another total lockdown.