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COVID-19 Updates: Infections Rocket in Kampala, Health Ministry Launches “Tudde ku Normal” Campaign


By Stephen Wandera

KIU, Main campus - The increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive cases in Uganda, especially in the Kampala Metropolitan Area, have caused great concern to the Ministry of Health, prompting it to launch the “Let’s End COVID-19 Together: Tudde ku Normal” campaign.

The new slogan Tudde ku normal, which means “let’s return to normal”, is now a permanent fixture on all its social media platforms and other mainstream media.

The campaign urges Ugandans to re-adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures that the Ministry of Health has put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19 so that we can end the pandemic altogether.

Kampala has been the worst-hit area in Uganda, with the Ministry of Health saying that Uganda’s capital has registered 589 cases since March 23, with 391 cases- more than 66%- being registered between August 15 and 24 alone.

Additionally, 7 COVID-19 deaths have been registered in Kampala, which is almost half of the entire country’s total of 22 so far.

Of much more concern is the fact that all of these cases have come from the communities, implying that the actual scope of infections might be much larger than what is currently known.

Clusters have been reported from various institutions like arcades, shopping malls, factories and corporate offices, especially around Kampala as well as in Amuru Prison in northern Uganda, which was closed after 154 cases were discovered from tests done there on August 22.

In its COVID-19 update to the nation on August 23, the Ministry of Health expressed concern at the high number of community transmissions in the Kampala Metropolitan Area.

“Several institutions including; Malaysia Furnishing, Royal Pharma, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, IGG, KCCA, Toyota, NRM Secretariat, Eagle Holdings, Megha Industries, media houses (New Vision, NBS, NTV, BBS) and other private hospitals have reported clusters,” the update read.

The ministry has henceforth appealed to Ugandans to return to observing the Standard Operating Procedures it had put in place when the pandemic broke out in the country.

“This highlights the need to ensure that workplaces strictly observe the Standard Operating Procedures and Infection, Prevention and Control measures to limit the spread of COVID-19,” the ministry advises.

Picture credit: Ministry of Health