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COVID-19 Vaccination Is The Only Way To Go, Rt. Hon. Mbabazi Angella, Guild Speaker KIU


For over a period of two years now COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously made an overhaul in the social, economic, and political terrain on both national and global plane. Since its discovery in Wuhan, China in 2019, its pinch has been undoubtedly felt in every corner of the world. The disease has claimed millions of the global population and still counting with as well multiple recoveries.

The advent of the disease pushed most of the global scientific think tanks out of their comfort zones to seek a remedy to the deadly scourge. It is on record that in the history of vaccines discovery, the COVID-19 vaccine was discovered in the shortest time. 

This was all because it was a matter of life and death and thus there was an urgent need to rescue the human race from extinction with the threat of COVID-19. In China, it is on record that a  hospital was built in a period of 9 (nine) days to be able to contain the skyrocketing COVID-19 infections.

In light of the above background, COVID-19 is more of severe disease than we could actually contemplate. With a recent discovery in the United States, COVID-19 vaccination significantly was tipped to being a great deal in curtailing the ever hiking infections as benchmarked by the Federal Drug Authority (FDA) in the U.S.

Kampala International University has in a bid to curb COVID-19 infections among its students, organized a vaccination drive in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in order to have as many students vaccinated. The vaccination exercise shall be held in the campus premises for a period of 3 (three) days; from Tuesday, 23rd to Thursday, 25th November 2021. The vaccination shall each day run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

This is in line with the very recent presidential directive on vaccination as a condition to open up the education sector and subsequently open up the other spheres of the country more so the economy. This is a very timely scheme every student should embrace it in the best interest of safeguarding their lives and those of their dear ones.

In a nutshell, recent examples have proved that treatment of COVID-19 more so those in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) is a venture for the bourgeoisie class. And as the old adage goes, that prevention is better than cure, let us take on the path to embrace the vaccination drive to avoid the music that may result from non-adherence to the scientifically-backed approach to tackling this pandemic. 

Lastly, I plead that we desist from baseless conspiracy theories of all sorts that have been circulating on various social media platforms without any scientific roots that lure people not to take the jab.

You are all further advised to continue observing Special Operating Procedures (SOPs); Wear your mask properly, wash your hands frequently, keep a social distance of at least two metres, and frequently sanitize.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe!!!


The writer is the 17th Guild Speaker KIU,

Rt. Hon. Mbabazi Angella
School Of Law (LLB)
Fourth Year, Second Semester (4/2)