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Ebye’s Meticulous Planning Edges Him Closer to Guild Presidency


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - When  Moses Ebye, a second-year student of law joined KIU in August 2020, he started gathering all possible and useful information about the 21 year-old institution. 

This was part of the strategy he believed would help him achieve his dream of becoming Guild President one day.

Two years on, Ebye's strategy is bound to bear fruit. What other people see as sheer luck, he calls the fruit of prior planning. 

Ebye is one of the 29 students who were declared Guild Union Members of Parliament on Monday 4th April 2022 by the Guild Union Electoral Commission following their undisputed victory in a poll where all candidates went through unopposed.

He is one of two candidates that have expressed their intention to run for the Guild Presidency and he says he is hopeful of victory because this (standing for the Guild Presidency) was a plan he hatched during his first semester at university.

"From the start, I laid my strategy to become Guild President. I first became class coordinator from where I would contest for chief fresher. Luckily I won and was able to get to the Guild parliament as early as year one. This helped me to understand how the Guild Union operates," he explains.

He says that it was imperative for him to learn the students needs and believes this gave him an edge over the other candidates and some had to step out of the races fearing that he was a sure winner.

Ebye says that his manifesto is student-centered and that he will be working with the administration to ensure harmony between the students' body and the administration. He also seeks to amend the Guild Union Constitution.

"I have come, I am ready to serve to the best of my ability. My manifesto is simply a student's agenda, I have better plans for the students, among which are tutorials and learning workshops,” he reveals.

Ebye now has only one day to find out whether he can follow through with his plan and clinch victory during Monday April 11th election.

If he wins, this will not be Ebye’s first leadership position. He previously served as the the Head Prefect of Kamwezi High School, class coordinator at KIU and chief fresher, still at KIU.

He also currently serves as the Chairperson of the Patriotism Club in Kamwezi sub-county.