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  • Education is a Tool that Allows you to Live and Work Anywhere in this Global World, Prof. Olabode Bamigbola advises KIU Students

Education is a Tool that Allows you to Live and Work Anywhere in this Global World, Prof. Olabode Bamigbola advises KIU Students


KIU, Main Campus – The KIU community is privileged to receive Dr. Olabode Matthias Bamigbola, a Professor of Mathematics from the University of Ilorin. The professor has provided academic services to the university due to the Volunteer Lecturer Program under the International Mathematics Union and Commission for developing countries.

The program offers developing countries the opportunity to have world-class academic staff carry out intensive training for about three to four weeks.

Prof. Bamigbola has been in the university system for close to 40 years, whereby in 1999, he became a professor. His areas of specialization are in optimization, numerical analysis, and computing.

"I have had real life experiences," he said, "because right after my PhD, I embarked on a journey of visiting appointments, teaching in other universities."

"I have had collaborative efforts in research with a number of academics in the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, and other countries," he said, "So coming here has offered me an opportunity to collaborate with staff in KIU."

Over the last 15 years, he also had the opportunity to offer community service in the external examination, assessment for promotions and appointments, and also accreditation of programs in mathematics and computer science.

Prof. Bamigbola holds that academics are indeed without borders and the field of academia has enabled him to trade knowledge internationally.

"I have had the privilege of reviewing both thesis and dissertations of scholars from different countries like Botswana, South Africa, and now Uganda," he said.

He appreciated KIU's effort in availing quality education to students both nationally and internationally.

"KIU has succeeded in internationalising education because both students and staff from different countries are interacting on an academic basis within the university," he said. 

He also commended KIU for utilizing the components of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) like ably employing the use of a website to distribute information, and the digitalization of library material.

Although his time of volunteerism at KIU is almost over, Prof. Bamigbola expressed his interest in taking his sabbatical leave with the university later this year, principally to do his research.

"I am also hoping to get an opportunity to mentor students, and assist fellow academic staff who are upcoming in the essence of research supervision and collaboration," he said, "I have gathered experience so that I can share it."

Prof. Bamigbola urged KIU to continue improving the system and availing funds where needed so that both students and staff can further maximize he stay at the university.

He then encouraged the students to find a way to utilize the relevant knowledge imparted to advance the society's cause.

"The future is there for you. Education is a tool that allows you to live and work anywhere in this global world, because university education trains you to be citizens of the world."