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Explorer of the Day: Edward Ngobi Wants to Win Medals with National Basketball Team


"There is nothing as more fulfilling as making a dunk every day," says 23-year old Edward Ngobi who plays as a forward for the School of Law Basketball Team competing for the 2020 Inter-Faculty Sports Gala accolade.
Born 26th February 1997, Edward Ngobi is representing the School of Law for the third consecutive time in the Inter-Faculty Sports Gala even though his team has never won the championship.
Ngobi started playing basketball in 2011 after he grasped his inspiration from watching a clip of the late Kobe Bryant in action, a man he had always admired.
‘’I started playing basketball back in 2011 after watching a clip of Kobe Bryant, a man I admire to be even up to now,’’ Ngobi narrates. He adds that the death of Kobe is one of the most devastating disasters in his life.
Ngobi played for the KIU Titans in the 2017-2018 Season and is yet to get called upon once more since he has to dedicate enough time to studies.
Apart from playing for Miracle Basketball Club where he earns a living, Ngobi has had tremendous success through playing basketball. For instance, he has travelled to many countries where he has made uncountable friends.
Despite doing all he can for the School of Law in this year’s Inter-Faculty games, Ngobi wants to play for the national team and help it win international tournaments in the nearby future.


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