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Explorer of the Day: Meet Diana, An Aspiring Engineer With the Spirit of a Debater


KIU, Main Campus - Diana Lotud is not your common, everyday individual. She’s one of the remarkable students of KIU, currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering, and who also happens to have participated in and won a debate competition. She holds a Diploma in Water Engineering, which she did from another institution before finding her way to KIU to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

When the results were being announced for the inaugural Inter-faculty debate competition at KIU Western Campus, everyone heard not only Diana’s name but the name of the course she was doing.

And when we visited her a few days later at her faculty, we found her in the drawing-room drawing building plans and proceeded right away to ask how she manages to do all of it. 

“I believe we can do things which are out of the ordinary. Most people love sticking in their comfort zones but I don’t subscribe to that school of thought,” she confidently answers, “For example, as an Engineer, I believe we can do different designs of things and not the same things we do every day.”

Diana also expressed her gratitude to KIU for having given her a bursary to pursue her degree. She was part of the group that moved with the engineering faculty from the main campus to the western campus. Diana is currently on study leave from her job as Assistant Engineering Officer at Napak District Local Government.

She says she feels at home at the KIU western campus because she participates in more co-curricular activities and also takes time to indulge in the beautiful scenery of the area.

“When I graduate, I want to solve societal problems with the little resources available”, Diana concludes.