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Explorer of the Day: The Multi-talented Ojiroy Ivan is Keeping his Dream Alive Despite Pandemic


KIU, Main Campus - Ojiroy James Ivan, an Engineering Student at KIU, is determined to break Usain Bolt's speed record in four years. He is looking forward to becoming the world’s fastest man in that period.

“Usain Bolt is the man who inspired me to join athletics and short distance races in particular,” James narrates. 

He says that he watched Bolt's wonderful performance in the international championships during his form six vacation and fell in love with what he saw the Jamaican do on the track.

“I watched Usain on television during my vacation and fell in love with his talent,” James said. “Soon I developed a strong feeling to be like him that’s why I have been working very hard.”

Born on 25th May 1995, the 24-year-old sprinter says that his focus has recently changed from being like Usain Bolt to being better than him.

With time, I asked myself what physical attributes Usain has on his body that I lack, meaning I could prepare my mind to be an even better athlete than him,” James says, “I will rub his record and become the world’s fastest man.”

Unlike most athletes, James’ sporting journey has had many branches. He started his sporting career as a soccer goal tender featuring for the school team at St. Andrews Primary School Wanyange in Jinja before becoming a musician and a key figure in the school’s music, dance, and drama team where he exploited his vocal and body language skills to the maximum.

James made a majestic return to sport when he joined secondary school. This time he was influenced by his friends to join basketball due to his aerial prowess and his love for NBA star, Dwight Howard, fueled his commitment to the game.

The Usain Bolt diehard made a number of achievements in basketball including, among others, fully sponsored scholarships at Jinja College Mwiri and Kibuli SSS, and making great friends, although he never gave in 100 percent of his commitment to the game. 

When he joined KIU in August 2016, for his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, James' sporting attention shifted from basketball to track and field. He developed strong desire to become a global star, set records, and influence sporting minds physically and psychologically. 

“I got a burning desire to work hard, meet the right people, set records, and become an important figure in global athletics,” James says.

He says that KIU gave him a platform and freedom to explore the heights, and develop confidence and self esteem which he is exploiting in his athletics dream.

Since turning to athletics, James has made many achievements. For instance, he is able to travel to different places in Africa using Athletics as a password. He also recently signed a huge deal with Nike with the aid of Clark Hart, and will be serving as their Kit Ambassador.

Today, James runs for T.BAC Sports Club, works as a physical and psychological fitness coach, and resides in Kansanga. He is working tirelessly to beat all records set by the former sprinter Usain Bolt in a period of four years from now.