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Explorer of the Day: The Multiple Award Winning Journalist, Noah Omuya Hopes to Give Back to His Community


Meet Omuya Noah, a finalist of Mass Communication at KIU and also the Chief Executive Officer of Aica Communication Ltd Uganda, a company that currently runs online publications.

At a young age, Omuya is already one of the most impressive talents in the media industry. He attributes his incredible success to Kampala International University. According to him, the University has exposed him to a plethora of opportunities that have helped him horn his young career.

While at the University, Omuya was selected to be one of the students that represented KIU at the Media Challenge Expo in 2018. While at the expo, he specialised in writing, strategic and multimedia communication, mainstream journalism, and online journalism.

Consequently, he scooped the Media Challenge Award for the Best Feature Essay Writer of 2018. Due to his success, the Media Challenge Initiative inducted him into their Media Challenge Fellowship, 2019. The fellowship exposed him to intensive training in solutions journalism, political reporting, investigative journalism, youth participatory radio, multimedia journalism, and data journalism which saw him rise into the media industry.

In 2019, Noah was among the African journalists who were invited to attend the DUNIA CFI Conference on Climate change that took place on 16th to 18th of December 2019 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While at the conference, Noah delivered a speech on Mobile Journalism as a storytelling tool for climate change.

He has also been selected to join 16 journalists in East Africa to participate in the 18-months long project of climate change action reporting with DUNIA CFI, a French media initiative.

Moving forward, Noah hopes to have a print media version of the Aica Newspaper in his hometown in Soroti, which will be published in the three dialects of Ateso, Ng'karimojong, and Kumam. Through this platform, the award-winning journalist hopes to create a platform for at least 50 journalists.

Outside journalism, Omuya plans to join the legislature after ten active years of journalism.