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Fatou Bensouda and Co advocates progress to the 2022 KIU Moot Final as Top Favourites



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Fatou Bensouda and Co-Advocates, led by Silvester Bepop and Counsel Norman, scored 70% in yesterday's moot court deliberation to qualify to Friday's final as top favourites. They will face Maraga and Co-Advocates who finished second with 68%.

Stubborn Kanyaihamba and Co advocates finished third and will have to take back to the drawing board in case they are to find a comfortable place among the big boys in the next competition.

Maraga and Co-Advocates will have to thank Solomon Mbiira for putting up an unrivalled performance in yesterday's deliberation which saw him emerge best oralist of the preliminary round.

Timothy Nuwamanya, Edgar Kakoma and Ronald Vuni were the judges of the day and they all concurred that the lawyers in making had a great future ahead of them.

"I want to report that all the participants in this moot have been so good. It is really hard to tell that you guys are still students," Timothy Nuwamanya said.

"None of us on this panel thinks otherwise. We only hope that activities like this keep around and that you really embrace them for the good of your future in practice," he added.

The judges emphasized unity among the students. They urged them to advise each other irrespective of the firms they belong to.

"I am happy that my firm has progressed and I can assure you that we are closer to victory," Coordinator Maraga and Co-Advocates, Justice Ochieng, said after yesterday's event.

 "This is a learning exposure. We need to atleast have that experience from the onset and learn positively," he added.

Friday's final between Fatou Bensouda and Maraga will not only be a tie between the best two firms at KIU but also a contest for intellectual and legal practice supremacy.