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Fighting Coronavirus Together: Ariokot Merab is Complying to Directives by Interacting Online


KIU, Main Campus - On 21st March 2020, the whole nation woke up to the news of the first confirmed COVID-19 case. Ariokot Merab, a Masters student of Mass Communication shares her experience on how she is adopting the measures put in place by the President and the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 pandemic.

"When I first heard of COVID-19, I never took it seriously. I thought that it was just a normal disease that would fade away just like that. I actually thought it would end within the western world, but surprisingly the World Health Organization declared it a global pandemic," she said.

According to Ariokot, when the government ordered the shutdown of education institutions, she was much frustrated since she had to work on her thesis and also interact with her supervisors so as to successfully carry out her research. 

"The University has always planned for us workshops on thesis writing. However, with this lockdown of the university, we won't be able to have workshops for the next 32 days and interact with our supervisors," she said.

However, Ariokot applauded the university for adopting the e-learning method for the students.

"I am glad the University put in place a system for us in terms of continuing with our studies throughout the semester through online learning. Imagine spending one month without studies?" she asked. "It would have been so hard to cope up in the next coming semester."

She is glad she is in touch with her supervisors and colleagues and everything is going on almost normally, just as it would with face-to-face interaction.

She further advised the students to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and World Health Organization precautions in the bid to fight the Coronavirus.