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Former KIU Guild Union Trade Minister, Mubarak Karuhang finds Possibilities in Events Management Business


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-KIU Guild Union's immediate past minister of trade has started an events company in which he intends to help students and the KIU community to organize and manage a variety of events successfully.

According to the former School of law legislator,' Show Tym Events' will provide creative events designs, solutions and also manage end to end of events customized as per client requirements.

"Our services will include; Event planning & management, brand Management, marketing services, celebrity management, promotion activities, vendor relationship and negotiation and exhibitions," he said in a virtual interview.

KIU is blessed with a number of talents that simply need someone to pick them up, polish, and manage their crafts, and such companies like Karuhanga's Show Tym Events are expected to play a great role.

Karuhanga said that his idea has taken some time to materialize though he has always tasted its practicability through University Trade Bazaars, Fresher's ball, and Pool parties among others.

"I intend to bring my services nearer to students and the general public at large through exhibitions," he noted

"I also intend to market KIU through marketing it in various corporate companies and platforms," he pledged.

Karuhanga, a finalist at the KIU school of law is one of the uncountable KIU students who see possibilities where others see obstacles. Since joining KIU, three years ago, he has ventured into several small-scale enterprises and other money-generating activities that have kept him financially stable on Campus.

Like her motto," Exploring the heights, KIU encourages all students to explore their creativity in order to find a way in life. Programs like the career and workplace series by Ms. Anitah Malinga and the Yunus mentorship program are in place for that very reason.