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Frank Ocero Wants to Use His Time in the Millenium Fellowship Class of 2023 to Reach for Bigger Things


KIU, Western Campus – Frank Ronald Ocero was selected to the Millenium Fellowship Class of 2023, a semester-long leadership development program created by the United Nations for undergraduate students to improve partnership building and community impact skills.and also elected as Campus Director for KIU. We sat down with the second-year Medical student to seek his views on what this means for him.

Congratulations on being selected to the Millennium Fellowship Class of 2023

I am honored and it’s my pleasure,thank you.

What motivated you to apply to join this year’s Millennium Fellowship program?

The Millenium Fellowship capacitates young people to champion their various social impact projects. That was enough motivation to apply and I will be taking my passion - Sexual and Reproductive Health Education which is under SDG3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), to the next level.

How does it make you feel to have been voted Campus Director for KIU in this year’s Millennium Fellowship Program?

Well, it is a combination of excitement and gratitude, I feel profoundly honored. 

What do you expect to benefit as a Millennium Fellow for this year’s Fellowship?

I would like to acquire more knowledge in executing social impact projects, sometimes we may have the solution but how to employ the solution to counter a problem is also a process on its own. 
I as well would love to look beyond the millennium fellowship at the end of the program and this fellowship has the momentum I need to achieve something I am looking at.

How do you think programs like the Millennium Fellowship aid in students’ overall development?

Programs like this apacitate and guide young people in executing and implementing their innovative ideas. They also provide learning outside the class room which I find very significant if our students are to succeed out there. 

KIU has 26 Fellows in this year’s Fellowship, more than any other university. What do you think this speaks about KIU as an institution?

I think this sends a strong message out there in regard to the kind and quality of students being trained at Kampala International University. The world today demands for proactive people and if KIU can produce a great number of these kind of young people, then in the near future this country will highly depend on KIU in regard to society transformation, 

How do you intend to collaborate with your fellow Fellows to achieve your individual and collective goals and objectives?

This year’s millennium fellowship core values are; empathy, humility and inclusions. As KIU, we realized that team work is going to be very defining in regard to our success. So we will make sure we help each other in our individual and group projects such that at the end of the day no one is left behind.

What role do you think KIU has played in shaping the mindsets of individuals like you who are even now crossing national barriers and competing on a global level?

I strongly commend KIU for managing a peaceful and calm environment that gives us the peace of mind and time to think big and explore our innovative minds, not only for our individual success but also for the good of those around us and the country at large. The kind of training at KIU models us into responsible and reasonable students and I believe this is the kind of branding that stands out and that brand belongs to KIU.

Well, we wish you all the best Ocero.

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