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Guild Elections 2023: Omondo Hopes to Set the Bar High With Exemplary Leadership


KIU, Western Campus – Shalom Omondo is running for Female Member of Parliament in the Guild Council because in her words, “there needs to be an improvement in student leadership” and therefore, she wants to set the bar high with exemplary leadership.

“I believe in this university and believe that through the collective work of the student guild, administrators and the students, we can continue with the great progress that this university is making,” says the third-year medical student.

She says she intends to reform the guild leadership so that it is accountable. She adds that she believes that all students want a university where the student leaders and their decisions are held to account.

“You can’t be representable if you don’t engage with the students you’re supposed to be representing. That’s why I’m committing to a more transparent leadership,” Omondo remarks.

“Our student body is diverse, dynamic and full of talent. Why therefore, would we shy away from sharing with them our plans and what's going on? I believe that any leader that is elected must be accountable to the students that put them in office,” she adds.

She says if elected, she will be committed to hosting regular ‘drop-in sessions’ with students to allow anyone from the student body to question what their guild is doing for them and also commit to regular meetings with clubs and associations in order to reflect the views, values and priorities of students from all sections of the vibrant student community at KIU.

She adds that if elected, she will launch a petition system that will allow students to have a greater say in the running of their own guild, hosting petitions directly and putting into consideration petitions with up to 200 signatures.

Her other objectives are recognition of student leaders, encouraging inter-university competition and encouraging health and wellbeing of students especially through mental health advocacy.

Omondo believes she has very high chances of winning because she has been very helpful to her fellow students through her volunteering work as a mental health advocate at school and she says she knows they believe in her and have seen her commitment to the betterment of the university.