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Guild Presidency Elections end in Controversy, University Admission to Resolve on way forward


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The University Dean of Student Affairs Schola Akampemuka and the University legal advisory are expected to resolve on the contested election of Laureate Atukunzire as Guild president at the expense of Moses Ebye.

Solomon Oketcho, the Guild Union Electoral Commission chairperson declared Laureate Atukunzire as Guild president-electon Monday morning, and was immediately confronted by Ebye's camp thereafter. Ebye and his supporters said that the declaration of Atukunzire without any vote cast was unfair and unlawful.

The Electoral Commission chairperson declared that Moses Ebye had not fullfilled all the requirements to allow him earn a chance of being voted. This was made at the time when Members of Parliament were already set to cast their votes as prescribed by the Guild Union constitution.

"We cannot agree with the decision. First of all, the candidates were officially nominated and allowed to go ahead with campaigns. How then do tell us that someone did not fulfill the requirements on the last minute. That's madness,” One of Ebye’s supporters said.

"We all know the law and what it provides for. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. Ebye Moses is a rightful candidate. Eliminating him at the last minute is a breach of trust, transparency and law,” NRM chapter President, Bosco Tumuramye said.

"The election activities ended yesterday and all the successful elected leaders have been submitted to the administration to arrange for swearing in and hand over. The commission from today will look at filling the vacant position created by the president and vice president as per the constitution," Oketcho said today morning.

He added that, "In any election you expect such events like what happened yesterday but those are minor issues that are addressed by security. So we have left it to security to investigate and bring to book those who decided to disrupt official activities.”

The Dean of Students and the University legal advisory will first engage all the candidates and their teams before issuing a final statement.