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Henry Mulangwa Selected as Campus Director for KIU under Millenium Fellowship Class of 2023


KIU, Western Campus – Henry Mukiibi Mulangwa, a fourth year medical student, has been selected as the Campus Director for KIU under the Millenium Fellowship Class of 2023.

The millennium fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program created by the United Nations for undergraduate students to improve partnership building and community impact skills.

The Campus Director role is pivotal in the Millennium Fellowship as one is tasked with ensuring the experience is delivered seamlessly to their campus peers.

This news was passed to Mulangwa through an email from Sam Vaghar, the Executive Director of Millennium Campus Network (MCN).

“Congratulations! We are thrilled to share that you have been selected as a Campus Director at Kampala International University,” reads the email in part.

“Making the Sustainable Development Goals reality relies on each of us, leading, learning, and collaborating. Your cohort is counting on your leadership, and we are with you on this journey,” it adds.

Mulangwa was undoubtedly pleased with the news because, he says, it makes him a leader amongst his fellow millennium fellows.

“I'm happy and honored to be selected as Campus Director for the class of 2023. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with my fellowship peers to achieve all of our goals,” Mulangwa said.

Sixteen medical school students from KIU Western Campus have been selected to this year’s millennium fellowship class.

Members of the fellowship receive a certificate of recognition from United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Millennium Campus Network (MCN). 

Other benefits are: training and coaching, a network of worldwide leaders with whom we share passion and experience in community social impact projects locally and internationally.

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