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  • I can't think of better time to serve in this position than now, Jonathan Areeba On his bid for KIU Law Society Society Presidency.

I can't think of better time to serve in this position than now, Jonathan Areeba On his bid for KIU Law Society Society Presidency.


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Jonathan Areeba, one of the leading student Orators at KIU has been successfully nominated to run for President in the KIU law Society elections on March 10th, 2023.

Areeba has made his name through debate and moots where he's been representing the school of law and KIU at different levels. He now feels becoming president of the KIU law Society will reinforce him to explore greater heights.

" I have had the opportunity to actively participate and represent KIU law society at different fora and while doing so realised that as a society we can and need to do better than we were doing if we are to outshine our peer societies in different schools of law," he said.

"I feel that serving as president of the law society is the best way I can give back to an institution that has given me various opportunities and knowledge to develop an amazing legal career," he added.

Areeba has just began his fourth year at KIU and this, according to him, is enough time for someone as wise as him to discover some great ideas for the law society. He has assured lawyers that his experience will enable him to deliver the best of service.

"Being in 4:1 means I have covered the biggest part of my academic journey and have equally gained enough experience to ably approach the daily challenges faced by the law society head-on. I can't think of a better time to serve in this position than now," he assured.

 At the core of his manifesto is the idea of making KIU Law Society an inclusive society for every law student to engage, learn and develop.

"This of course entails a number of undertakings including among others to increase and intensify extra calicular activities, sourcing funding for the society, broadening the influence of the society &  obviously being the voice of students of law in to interact with the University administration and find viable solutions to the day to day challenges met by students in their academic pursuits," he explained.

He is banking on his experience and travels to take the KIU law Society and the school of law to another level.

"With my experience both as a leader in different societies and associations in the university and as one who has represented the law society on several occasions, I possess the necessary tenacity to lead this great society to the next phase," he noted.

"Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much. I call upon every law student to join this cause of building an inclusive Law Society united in diversity," he added.