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"I see myself on Big Televisions" - KIU IT Finalist Ronald Rugumayo alias Sparks DJ.


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Ronald Rugumayo, frequently reffered to as 'Sparks DJ', has expressed his desire to appear on Uganda's best television networks and radios as a Disc Jockey. The third year student of Information Technology is one of the many students currently exhibiting their talents at this year's KIU trade exhibition.

Rugumayo's passion for music and working as a DJ is one that can not be concealed. When music was introduced into the ongoing trade exhibition, he was one of the few students that quickly formed acquittance with the external DJ's and other service providers. He says that he loves being a DJ and around music sets more than anything else.

"I love being a DJ, I feel it in my spirit, in my soul, in my heart and hands. I have a feeling that I can do it. That's why I find myself eavesdropping on music sets," he admits.

His passion is backed up by the fact that he has seen several people flourish while working as Disc jockeys.

"I have seen many successful DJ's. To mention DJ roja, DJ mercy, DJ baby love, DJ Shiru. DJ Mercy among others. There is something in me saying,'You can make it too," he says.

Despite admiring the job since childhood, Rugumayo only started practicing in 2021. He has taken charge of the turn tables and music sets in birthday parties, small shows and events. It is upon this progress that he values and rates his future prospects and ambitions. His dream is to work with big television networks and radios.

"I see myself on big platforms like iconic radios and television. For example my dream is to be or even better DJ Mercy on NBS television," he notes.

However Rugumayo is hopeful that his profession, Information Technology will ease his breakthrough. He vows to keep up with both his profession and passion since they complement each other.

He is looking forward to graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology this year if all goes well.