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I want to make a difference in the Somali banking sector, Yassin Abdulkadir


By Isaac Akugizibwe

When Yassin Abdulkadir Khalif first set foot in Uganda's capital Kampala in July 2019, he was looking for a university that would not only offer the best Education but one that would help him actualize his dream of changing the status quo of the Somali banking sector. One month later, Abdulkadir was admitted at KIU to pursue a Masters of Business Administration. Now with only three months to graduation, his dream is closer than ever.

He would have graduated during the 24th graduation ceremony if it had not been for the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences like the lockdown that brought studies to a standstill in the whole of 2020 before the virtual alternative took hold. Like many other international students, Abdulkadir faced the wrath of COVID-19 and its eventual consequences away from home for close to two years.

"Being an international student more than 2500 km far away from home was a challenging experience. However, KIU has always been there for me. I have never regretted enrolling in KIU and those academic years will certainly be the best times in my life,’’ Abdulkadir admits.

To him, there is nothing as inspiring as the completion of his Master's degree.

"Completing my MBA is an inspiring experience. I have been able to develop knowledge across a large variety of study areas. Every day I draw from that experience and apply what I’ve learned in a way that creates a lasting impact," he testifies.

Abdulkadir is one of the exceptional students set to graduate during KIU's 25th graduation ceremony in June 2022. His research paper concentrated on the internal control and financial performance of banks. He is hopeful that this will be an added advantage to his desire of changing the status quo of the Somali banking sector.

"I am interested in making a difference in the way Somali banks operate. After doing research on internal control and financial performance of the banks, I found out that they need more improvement," he explains.

"I have been offered job opportunities several times during my studies but I turned them down to concentrate. Now I’m ready to dive into the business world and make some changes with the knowledge acquired from Kampala International University," he adds.

With his exceptional personality coupled with unrivalled desire to excel, Yassin Abdulkadir Khalif represents a true KIU DNA which is well stipulated in the motto, 'Exploring the heights'