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IT student, Sarah Abigaba dreams of a better life as She prepares for physical lectures


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- With only days left for the return of physical lectures, many University students are now preparing for a glimpse of campus life after more than four months of lockdown. Sarah Abigaba a second-year student of information technology at KIU is one of those who can not wait to see campus fully open.

Following a surge of COVID-19 cases in Uganda between April and July 2021, President Museveni ordered all schools and learning institutions to pause physical interactions until November when he would only allow tertiary institutions and universities to resume normal business as the others wait for January.

Abigaba joined KIU in January 2020, a time when the contagious COVID-19 had just been reported in China. Never in her mind did she imagine of coronavirus reaching Uganda not until the government first issued a 21-day lockdown in March 2020 few days before the first case was reported in the country hence an addition to the days of lockdown.
This lockdown shortened Abigaba's expectations of university life. She had spent the first two months studying the situation and gathering ideas on how to enjoy Campus life alongside the pursuit of her academic goal.

"I was happy to join KIU, the best University in information technology but ever since I have not enjoyed Campus life like those in the third year and above due to the lockdown," Abigaba discloses.

"I was impressed by the fact that I was at Campus, I felt at home, people were friendly but I could not rush to engage in everything, I had to first learn the situation and that's when COVID-19 struck," she adds.

Because information technology is a practical course, Abigaba feels betrayed by COVID-19 lockdown restricting physical lectures. She admits that virtual lectures are only good for theory but quite challenging when it comes to practicals.

"We didn't get what we expected as a result of the lockdown, especially with our lecturers distantly away from the practical facilities like computers. From experience, practically physical lectures are better than online lectures," Abigaba admits.

Abigaba who has already camped in Kansanga ahead of the much-awaited return of physical lectures plans to utilise the time for physical lectures to compensate for the time lost in lockdown. She is looking forward to dedicating much time this semester to practical course units.

" I plan to use my time this semester very well to compensate for the time wasted during lockdown especially in practical course units," she discloses.

Like many other students, Abigaba has big dreams but what stands out in her line of preference is to be an indispensable programmer when she finally graduates from KIU.