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Kibuuka Asks People to Turn Back to God to Take Away COVID-19


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

KIU, Main Campus - Kampala International University member of Board of Trustees Ambrose Kibuuka has called upon Ugandans to seek God's intervention on the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the country.

Kibuuka, through a message on his Facebook page admits that the main item on every individual’s prayer agenda is God as the solution to take away COVID-19. 

“Yes, our main item on our prayer agenda is God to take away COVID-19 yesterday (sic). The loss, the agony, the tears and trauma are too much. It is becoming a horror with loved ones perishing all around us. Fear has taken over the reign in our hearts,” Kibuuka posted.

He adds that we need his intervention so that we can go back to business as usual quickly but he adds that we have to go back to business in a manner that serves his interests.

“Is it in his interest (God) to take away COVID-19 quickly? As we negotiate (with God), what are we willing to part with,” he adds, hinting that we need to do right by God if he is to take away the burden of COVID-19 from us.

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