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KIU’s January 2023 Intake Students Oriented, told to Focus on Accomplishing their Academic Dreams in Time


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Students that joined KIU during the 2023 January intake have today Wednesday 15th been oriented and officially inducted into the KIU way of life. The main Orientation ceremony took place in the University's Main hall before the students were toured inside the magnificent Iddi Basajjabala Memorial Library.

The University and students’ administration headed by the vice-chancellor, Professor Mouhammad Mpezamihigo officiated the orientation where all the new students swore an oath to abide by the University’s code of conduct.

The Vice-Chancellor welcomed and congratulated the new students upon their induction into life at KIU. He encouraged them to work hard and focus on accomplishing their main goal of academic excellence as students.

‘’Now that you survived death by COVID-19, I want you to survive in your academic program. I hope by 2025,2026 and 2027 for those doing four years, we shall be able to celebrate your graduation,’’ he said.

He urged girls and female students to be more vigilant with life while at University for they are vulnerable to vices like sexual harassment, bullying, and unplanned pregnancies which delay and sometimes distract them from their vision and dreams.

‘’Girls are so vulnerable and easy to deal away with, that’s why I wanted them to pay extra attention to protection,’’ he added.

Prof.Mpezamihigo implored the new students to quickly adapt to the University and urged them to fully know and understand their academic rights.

‘’Find out your rights, get to know what you are entitled to as a student,’’ he advised.

He also warned students against corn men and Women who might mislead them in ways that could see them lose property and tuition. He advised them to stay alert and keep asking questions to strangers to avoid being misled.

The ceremony was also attended by among others Guild President Moses Ebye and his cabinet, the Dean of Student Affairs, MS. Agnes Najjuma, and Ms. Judith Ariyo Bakakimpa, the Campus Administrator

The Director of Academic Affairs was represented by Dr. Derrick Sekajugo, a lecturer from the College of Economics and management. He explained the operation of the KIU academic and examination system and advised students to work hard and consistently to score good marks at the end of their courses.

‘’As an individual, you need a personal reading timetable and a timetable for your life. My advice is, seek for your dream to actualize, then heaven will guide you,’’ he said.

Students say that the orientation has to a greater extent introduced them to so many things about KIU. From signing an oath to singing the University Anthem, the majority of the students that attended Wednesday’s orientation have admitted that they now fill fully part of the KIU family.

‘’KIU is Kinder enjoyable, the people are so welcoming and this orientation has helped me to get to know more information about KIU. Now I know everything about the University administration and the academic structure,’’ Bushra Bashir Ibdi, a student of Education said.

"l feel so much excited to join this great university as l look forward to pursue my legal career."  Bbongole Vincent p, Bachelor of Laws

“Glad to be at the leading private University, I am extremely feeling good to join KIU.”  Abdirahman Mohamed Hassan, Masters of arts in project Planning and Management.