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KIU’s Jemba Senkole Enrolled in African Youth Delegate Program


KIU, Western Campus -  Jemba Micheal Senkole, a final-year medical student at Kampala International University, has recently been enrolled in a prestigious training program called the African Youth Delegate Program.

This program is organized by the United Nations Association of Uganda in partnership with CRISP and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Out of over 1000 applicants from all over the country, only 20 fellows were selected for this program, and Jemba Micheal was among them.

The program began with a 5-day National Education Assessment, during which the fellows were given an in-depth understanding of the United Nations and its various bodies, as well as participated in a number of United Nations simulation exercises and role plays to improve their critical thinking and conflict resolution skills, among other topics.

Following the assessment, two delegates from among the 20 fellows will be selected to represent the youth at the United Nations General Assembly in New York later this year. Ms Susan Namondo, Uganda's United Nations Resident Commissioner, joined the closing ceremony where she encouraged the fellows to participate in more in knowledge acquisition and problem-solving.

All of the young fellows have been empowered by the program, and they are now launching national-wide outreach activities to address the major issues facing youth across the country.

Jemba Micheal's outreach campaign will emphasize mindset transformation, enabling and pushing young people to become job creators rather than job seekers, while also teaching them basic health concepts.

His major objective is to battle unemployment, which he sees as one of the country's most serious problems.

Jemba Micheal's outreach program will center on Eastern Uganda, where he will try to encourage and empower young people to take ownership of their life and create their own chances, while also guiding them to live healthy lives. He feels that Uganda's greatest asset is its young population and that unemployment prevents them from attaining their full potential.

Jemba Micheal's participation in the African Youth Delegate Program demonstrates his devotion and commitment to establishing a brighter future for Uganda's youth and strongly encourages young people to rise and fight for the country's future because it begins with them.

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