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KIU’s Osodi Brings Wealth of Experience to Transform FUMSA


KIU, Western Campus - One look at Boniface Osodi’s program outline is enough to tell you how much the president-elect of the Federation of Uganda Medical Students Association (FUMSA) has in store for his electorate.

The KIU fourth-year medical student was recently handed the tasking mandate of leading the federation for the next year and he brings a vast wealth of experience in student leadership that will definitely bear abundant fruit for the federation.

He has served at all levels of the university and FUMSA leadership and held the position of Projects and Trainings Director at FUMSA prior to his election as president.

Aside from student leadership, Osodi has also actively participated in various medical-related activities in different communities.

He has worked with STAR-E where he served as regional Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Panel chair and coordinator for 7 districts, operated with the Ministry of Health National TB and Leprosy Program, acted as the site supervisor for safe male circumcision in 6 districts, and also closely worked in partnership with World Vision Uganda to ensure no more malnutrition cases, especially in Butaleja district.

“I acquired robust clinical, administrative, communication organizational and analytical skills that allowed me to understand and tackle intricate issues in a structured and organized way,” Osodi says.

“Most importantly, this experience has bestowed in me an awakening of interest particular to the depths and bounds of health and my style of leadership is driven by passion, zeal, willingness, and dedication to sacrifice in order to ensure organizational goals are met,” he adds.  

Osodi also holds a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Fort-Portal-SOCO, which he attained in 2012, and a certificate in Human Subjects Research Ethics from Griffith University, which he did online. He is currently pursuing an online Diploma in Statistics and Informatics from Monash University.

Writing down Osodi’s plans for the federation is an arduous task but all of them are geared towards influencing positive change in society especially among the youth and speaking out on issues affecting them like mental health issues.

He says he also intends to be a voice for the voiceless through networking and partnerships.

“With great enthusiasm, I eagerly look forward to contributing my experience to the success of the federation,” Osodi affirms.

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