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KIU 25th Graduation: KIU song star Tonny Ojuku alias Lucky Lemon to graduate with a bachelor of laws this weekend


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Tonny Ojuku, commonly known by his stage name, lucky Lemon is among the graduands set to achieve their academic dreams this weekend during KIU'S 25th graduation ceremony. A bachelor of laws for an enthusiastic musician is something worth celebrating for many in the trade who easily lose concentration and commit to their talents along the way.

Many students with aspirations of becoming musicians are easily swayed into bad peer groups, drug abuse and other irresponsible behavior but for Ojuku, this hasn't been the case in the four years he has spent in Kansanga. He has never lost his way at any time. He has been working tirelessly in pursuit of this academic dream that he will surely achieve fully on Saturday.

"Law as a course has its professional code of conduct such as decent dressing, that I followed and also kept me away from associating with in such evil activities. I also used isolationist policy to get rid of associating drug addicts to keep on the right track having tried on several accounts also to frame them into good people but failed, “he admits.

"Putting that aside, Christianity as my religion and doing gospel music partially, played a significant role in impeding me from taking part in such satanic and dishonourable activities for the purpose of good image creation. I couldn't involve myself in such because it would demoralize and discourage my would-be clients," he adds.

Ojuku has also succeeded to strike a balance between academics and his talent. In addition to being an amateur in the Music Industry, better planning has helped him to thrive at all fronts.

"The fact being that I am not yet established as a professional artist, paved for me a way and spared for me some time to program myself on both academics and music as my career," he says.

" I have been thriving in academics seriously during weekdays without much inconvenience thereby scheduling music to be done over the weekends," he explains.

Ojuku's musical abilities have seen him explore heights at KIU including a memorable performance at the 2018 cultural gala that drove crowds mad with many wanting to take photos with him on stage while others asked for his autograph. This will certainly be bettered by a meeting with the chairman KIU Board of Trustees, Al-Hajj Dr Hassan Basajjabalaba which he says is his best highlight at KIU.

"I met the Chairman Board of Trustees at KIU Al-Hajj Dr. Hassan Basajjabalaba and we discussed about the KIU song that I composed and recorded. For that matter, this musical episode eventually turned into a marketing strategy for the University thereby compelling the chairman to acknowledge and show courtesy towards my career. Indeed, on this day, I felt blessed for the great moment that we shared in his office," he recalls.

Apart from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Ojuku's academic journey has seen him endure and overcome several challenges including the theft of all his belongings in 2018, inadequate money and other resources. Because of determination, persistence and perseverance, the KIU song star will graduate with a bachelor of laws this Saturday.

He is confident that he will join the bar course in Sept 2022 intake or go for a master's degree.

"Putting that aside, my other businesses outside my profession have also to operate immediately after my graduation . I also plan to launch a charity organization at Serena Hotel in January next year 2023," he says.

You can follow Lucky Lemon on all his social media platforms in case one needs to talk to him at a personal level. He has new music in the pipeline in addition to his trending song called " Marriage Material".

Click on the link below to watch and download Luck Lemon KIU song.