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KIU 26TH GRADUATION: Benjamin Aine Alias Enos MC Will clinch his IT dream at KIU'S 26th Graduation Ceremony


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Benjamin Aine Enos is one of the many students that are currently basking in happiness after confirming that he will graduate this November with a bachelor of Information Technology (IT).

Known to the world as Enos MC, Aine says that he is very excited to be among the graduands at KIU's 26th graduation ceremony on 12th November 2022.

"It is so amazing that my dream is just days away. I feel so excited because KIU is a big university, studying and completing my studies at the best private university in East Africa is something that I won't take for granted," he said.

"My life at campus has not been that easy by the way, besides being a star, it hasn't been that easy to balance the two, books and entertainment. We normally work at night and I was a day student meaning in the morning I had to go for lectures, which toughened my schedule," he disclosed.

Aine confessed that KIU has turned his life around. He said he was exposed to different aspects of life and culture but also given a platform to exercise his inborn gift,' talking'.

 "By the way before joining KIU, I was nothing even though I had talent towards the microphone but I wasn't exposed. KIU gave me a platform through its various trade and entertainment Bazaars. This uplifted my career as an emcee," he noted.

He advised continuing Students to practice their talents and do the right things in the right place at the right time. He noted that his timely success has been influenced by a number of factors.

"First of all God, My parents, Siblings, coursemates, lecturers, and the Head of the Department, Mr. Asiimwe have all been so important. l want say thank you to all the people that were behind my success at KIU," he acknowledged.

He added that "this degree is done but education never stops, So a Master of Information Technology is ahead of me but besides education, my talent and my career are my future priority."