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KIU 26TH GRADUATION: KIU'S Turn table enthusiast Rugumayo set to graduate this November


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Ronald Rugumayo alias sparks ug will on November 12th, 2022 graduate with a bachelor of Information Technology (IT) which will mark the end of his three years of study at KIU. And according to him, this will be a dream come true.

Rugumayo is commonly known as Sparks Ug a name he uses while executing his craft as a Disc Jokey(DJ) something that made him popular in the last three years at KIU. He said that he felt very happy when he saw his name on the graduation list.

" For sure I feel really happy and great because this is the time I have been waiting for and have been dreaming about since I started school," he said.

When Rugumayo joined KIU three years ago, he was a timid young boy who simply walked into Uganda's leading Private University with a bag of dreams on his back but with the hope that he had come to the right place. On Saturday 11th November 2022, Rugumayo will leave KIU a changed man, one ready to explore the heights.

 "My life has changed both physically and socially because I have acquired knowledge, and skills on how to deal with different problems, making impossibilities possible and I gained enough confidence to thrive in life," he acknowledged.

The IT graduate student has had his share of challenges as well but he admits that it is patience, persistence, hardwork and sometimes sacrifice that have seen him this far.

"Life at KIU as a student hasn't been that easy but because I've been patient while working hard and sacrificing the little I could afford especially, I am now able to smile at last," he noted.

" I would like to advise a student who wants to join KIU or any other institution for the same journey as mine to really work hard and do the right things at the right times because life at campus isn't easy as it is thought," he warned.

Rugumayo is grateful to his lecturers, Leaders in the department of Information technology at KIU, and his parents whom he said played a great role to bring his academic dream this close.

 'I would like to thank our lecturers since year one mostly our Head of Department, BIT Mr. Asiimwe Patrick who has played a great role towards my success at KIU. My parents have played a godly role in this journey, trusting and keeping me stronger when no one else could. I wouldn't be this happy if they hadn't supported me financially and I pray they get rewarded abundantly," he acknowledged.