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KIU 26th Graduation: Nampijja Using Knowledge Acquired From KIU to Help Out Teenage Mothers


KIU, Main Campus – Fatia Nampijja has a golden heart. Despite being a mere student, she has been taking time off to help out helpless teenage mothers.

And she credits KIU for this because it is the knowledge that she has been getting from her Social Work and Social Administration class that she has been using in her mission.

“As per now, I am working with an organization called Teenage Mothers Outreach, where I am using all the skills I got from KIU because this Organization helps young mothers. So, we carry out counseling, we do provide social services to people in the community among others things, so  that’s how I use it,” Nampijja says.

And she says being one of the graduands at KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony gives her a lot of happiness.

“Am so excited that I have been able to complete this course, though there were many ups and downs,” she says.

She credits KIU for giving her various skills, which she thought she would never get when she was starting out, both academic and social.

“Academically, I have gained many skills such as counseling skills, administrational skills, being confidential with client’s problems and so much more,” Nampijja reveals.

“Socially, I have been able to interact with so many students, both in our department and other departments and also with my lecturers who have been good to me. I surely don’t regret studying from KIU. This will help me in getting jobs because there are enough connections that I so far have,” she adds.

Like anyone else graduating, Nampijja has a number of people she extends her gratitude to because it is impossible to complete a course without help from anyone.

“At first I appreciate the Almighty Allah for helping me accomplish my course, my mum and my daddy plus my cousin Ritah who has been there for me. I really appreciate them so much,” she says.

She advises fellow graduands to never give up on what they may be aiming at and never listen to anyone who wants to put them down.

She also advises them to have faith in the Almighty God and trust in Him and also to have another skill apart from the course they have studied.