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KIU 26th Graduation: Overall Best Student Koroma Wants to Provide Cheap and Affordable Internet


KIU, Main Campus – Samuel Koroma Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunication Engineering at KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony on November 12 at KIU Main Campus in Kansanga.

Koroma, who was the best performing student overall this year, sat down with us to share his story.

How are you Koroma and how does it feel to be the best student overall student on KIUs 26th Graduation ceremony? 

I am very fine and I feel very blessed to have achieved this feat. It is literally a dream come through and that day will forever the best day of my life.

How does it make you feel to know that you are finally done with school?

Very happy and excited!! I’m eager to go out into the job environment and put into practice the knowledge and skills attained at KIU.

What did you benefit from KIU academically and socially?

A whole lot!! The knowledge gained through lectures and practicals will be very useful in the job environment. These skills can come in handy in tackling problems that I will face. Team projects and interactions within the university have been an important factor in connecting socially with other students.

How do you intend to use the knowledge you acquired at KIU to help society and the country at large?

ICT is the future. The African society will heavily depend on technology in the near future, therefore I intend to use my skills to provide cheap and affordable internet and provide industrial training and job opportunities in the telecommunication sector. That’s my dream.

Any plans of continuing with your studies?

Yes definitely. I want to pursue a Masters in Project Management in the very-near future.

What is the single best memory will you go away with from KIU?

That has to be the moment I found out I will be graduating as the best overall student. I felt on top of the world. 

What message can you give to anyone who would like to join KIU for studies?

Hurry up and grab an application form!! It will be the best decision you will ever make.

What message do you give to your fellow graduands?

Let us go out there and make our alma mater proud. Put the knowledge and skills acquired to great use in changing lives and make a positive difference in your respective fields.

Any appreciation message to anyone who helped you through your course?

First of all I want to say thank you to LORD almighty for HIS grace. I also want to extend my thanks to my mum for everything she has done for me, my eldest brother for the fatherly love, my elder sister, my immediate elder brother and to my HOD and all my lecturers.  

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