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KIU 27th Grad Ceremony: Irene Namatta wants to use her Master's degree to Inspire Young Girls


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Irene Namatta Lilian, a soon-to-be graduate with a Master's degree in Human Resource Management at KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony, is determined to utilize her achievement as a source of inspiration for young girls.

She believes that many girls tend to give up on their education after obtaining their first degrees, thereby allowing men to dominate in various fields. Having personally experienced the journey, Irene aims to motivate and encourage young girls to strive for higher academic accomplishments.

"The lessons, skills and experience I have acquired throughout this master's will be used to inspire the young generation, especially the young girls who underrate themselves and want to give up their academic careers," Namatta said.

Namatta described her achievement as a dream come true.

"It is a dream come true, it feels so great because it's a step ahead in my academia journey," she said.

"The journey has been full of ups and downs that later became part of my life lessons and experience. Through this, I have learned to never give up, actually to give in more than I can," she added.

Embarking on her master's degree journey in January 2021, Irene encountered the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting to the circumstances, she successfully navigated the transition to online learning, overcoming the obstacles that came her way.

With her graduation on the horizon, Irene eagerly anticipates embracing new challenges in both academia and society.

"I am looking forward to have new challenging experiences both at work, in the society I live in, and in my academics. Above all I will continue to seek for guidance and knowledge from the Lord to lead me through," She concludes.