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KIU 27th Graduation: “Be a Solution to Uganda and the World, not a Problem,” – Joel Mulungi


KIU Western Campus – Joel Mulungi will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy at KIU’s 27th Graduation Ceremony on June 17, and one of the things he doesn’t want to be is a problem to Uganda and the world. He advised his fellow graduands.

A devout Christian and an unapologetic member of Ishaka Community Church (ICC), Mulungi says his religious background helped him avoid the many temptations that youths face thus enabling him to be a problem solver rather than a trouble causer.

“Ishaka Community Church leadership helped me to remain focused on academics and not to be distracted by a lot of youthful lusts and distractions,” Mulungi says.

“I advise my fellow graduands to ensure that they benefit the society with the knowledge they have. Find problems in society and solve them. Be a solution to Uganda and the world, not a problem,” he adds.

And for that matter, Mulungi has a plethora of solutions to help his society, the country and the world so that the magnitude of his education and degree can be felt.

“I intend to start on campaigns to solve a number of problems I see in society. For example, scarcity of drugs for many diseases like cancer, and increasing resistance to drugs,” he reveals.

“Therefore, I am ready to join the team to contribute my knowledge in drug development and also prevent irrational drug use in health centers which can cause adverse drug effects,” he adds.

Despite his big dreams and having achieved one of his life’s goals, Mulungi is not ungrateful to the institution that has brought him thus far.

“KIU has top-quality education which inspires us learners to be creative, vigilant and hard working. You are exposed to all the knowledge needed for you to benefit the society. I rate it five-star,” he opines.

And not to be selfish, he advises whoever wants to get quality education to seek for that admission letter to KIU as soon as possible.

“I would encourage them (who want to join university) to enroll as soon as possible. KIU has a number of intakes including January, April and August, so go for the nearest, don't waste any time. You will not be disappointed,” he advises.

Mulungi, who wants to pursue a Masters in Pharmaceutical Analysis and also do Drug development, says he wouldn’t have come this far without God, who helped his parents get the funds to take him through school as well as give him the wisdom to understand the complex ideologies in the Pharmacy course.

Congratulations Joel, All the best for the future!