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KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony: Ahabwe Jackline: I want to use my Skills to Promote Economic Empowerment among Business Practitioners


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Jackline Ahabwe is one of the many that will be celebrating academic milestones during KIU'S 27th graduation ceremony this Saturday. She intends to use the knowledge she attained while pursuing a Master of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing to empower business practitioners.

Ahabwe admits that achieving her Master's degree required a lot of sacrifice, commitment and hardwork. She is however very excited that her dream is finally becoming true.

"As my journey at KIU comes to an end, I feel incredibly privileged to have achieved this milestone. It is an absolute honor to see my dream of obtaining a master's degree become a reality. I faced numerous challenges, from long hours of studying to sleepless nights, but seeing it all come true is the greatest thing that has happened to me," she says.

Having majored in marketing, Ahabwe is capable of helping any business to improve their performance in relation to the customers and thus she now feels greatly inspired to make a difference in Society.

"The knowledge I have acquired at KIU, particularly in marketing, has inspired me to make a difference in society. I want to use my skills to promote economic empowerment among business practitioners, especially in my constituency, Isingiro North."

"Many businesses struggle due to inadequate branding and a lack of market access. I aim to fill this gap by educating and empowering men and women in business, helping them start small-scale ventures like poultry farming, piggery, fish farming, and market vending. By improving their economic status, they can support their families and children's education."

Ahabwe admits that KIU has transformed her to discover her true identity as well as introduce her to global standards in education and lifestyle.

"The time spent at KIU was truly a transformative journey for me. It became a place I called home, where I discovered my true identity and experienced the meaning of excellence. When KIU was ranked second in the country, I knew that it was the only university I wanted to belong to."

"It continuously pushed me to raise my standards for excellence and perform beyond expectations. Even after completing my master's degree, KIU still holds a special place in my heart."

"The university has taught me valuable lessons that go beyond the degree itself. It has shown me the importance of embracing diversity and the beauty of a multicultural environment. I have learned to appreciate different cultures and make friends from various walks of life. This experience has prepared me to confidently interact and form connections with people from different countries and backgrounds."

Ahabwe is focused on making a difference in Uganda's industrial sector, business and institutions through her knowledge of customer satisfaction, branding, brand visibility and sales promotion.

"Looking forward, I intend to extend my passion and experience in marketing, sales, public relations, branding, and leadership to higher education institutions, the industrial sector, the banking sector, government, and women's platforms. I want to contribute to maintaining brand visibility, increasing customer satisfaction, boosting sales, and fostering overall business development."

It is important to note that Ahabwe joined KIU in 2015 for her undergraduate degree before she graduated in 2018 with a degree in Business Administration (Marketing). She returned to pursue a Master's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing, which she iscompleting this Saturday.

 She served as a Member of Parliament/Minister of Finance for the students' guild in 2016/2017 and later as the class coordinator for the MBA program.

"To my fellow graduands and students, I offer my heartfelt congratulations on this significant achievement. I encourage you all to live purpose-driven lives and remember that everything is possible when you focus on what you're passionate about. I especially urge women to pursue their careers and not let anyone hold them back. Empowered women in boardroom spaces can make a significant impact on decision-making."



I would like to express my deepest gratitude to God for giving me the strength and ability to complete this master's degree. I am also immensely thankful to my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sabiti, and my siblings for their unwavering support throughout this journey.

To my research supervisor, Dr. Kibuuka Mohammad, and all the professors and lecturers from the College of Economics and Management, I cannot thank you enough for your incredible support.

Lastly, I want to thank my friends at Kampala International University, Cornerstone Development Africa, Maryhill High School, and all my social groups and organizations who have been a source of inspiration and encouragement. Your presence in my life has been invaluable, and I appreciate each and every one of you.