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KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony: 'Can’t wait to start my PhD come August,' Graduand Nuwamanya Dasan Expresses


Nuwamanya Dasan, an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Computing, Department of Mathematics and Statistics will be graduating with a Masters of Science in Mathematics at KIU’s 27th Graduation Ceremony on June 17th. We had a discussion with him about what this milestone means to him as well as his plans for the future.

How do you describe the time you have been at KIU?

My time as a postgraduate student at KIU has been an exciting journey and a rare opportunity to study at the best private university in East Africa with students and lecturers coming from over 30 nationalities across the world, this greatly helped me to maximize my network of friends. 

My research supervisors (Prof. Martins and Dr. Baba) were the greatest people I have ever met in life. indeed, I have since garnered lifelong skills from them, especially on how to go about high-level mathematical research. 

The Doctoral Committee from the School of Mathematics and Computing was also amazing, they took me through vigorous steps and advised me a lot during my research presentations from concept to Viva Voce, my colleagues were also amazing and we really depended on each other academically and in other aspects.

How do you feel that this journey is coming to an end?

I call this a dream come true! I therefore, thank God for the good health and for enabling me to get this far. My dream of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mathematics began way back in my second year at my undergraduate level but it seemed far beyond my reach. I am now delighted to have driven myself to achieve this level of education. 

What has the University taught you?

I have been both a student and a teaching staff from SOMAC, these designations gave me an opportunity to get a number of skills;

As a student, I have gained a lot of competences in mathematics and mathematics research, I therefore feel I am in a good position to transfer the same knowledge I have since acquired to other students.

As a staff, I have been privileged in a way that the university has been involving me in a number of engagements; teaching and organizing teaching materials, curriculum design and development, administration, marketing, research and many others. The university has been organizing a number of workshops on professional and personal development. I have therefore been able to garner extensive knowledge in a number of life and academic aspects through these knowledge-rich engagements.

How do you intend to change society using the knowledge acquired at KIU?

As a well-trained mathematician, I am looking forward to continuing advancing in the teaching/lecturing profession, training university students especially those whose disciplines have mathematics elements in them. I will also continue to develop mathematical models that are useful to various sectors; Banking, insurance, government, etc. to help them to reduce costs and maximize output/profits.

Now that this level of education is done, what do you intend to do next?

As an ambitious scholar, I can’t wait to start my Ph.D. in mathematics at KIU come August. My wonderful supervisors have since encouraged me and I am in high gear to start it immediately after graduation. I am also going to utilize my full potential to write a number of research papers for publication and also to collaborate with other mathematicians to uplift the mathematics research in East Africa and Uganda in particular.

Any message to fellow graduands and students?

First of all, I congratulate my fellow graduands upon reaching this far. I would wish to encourage all graduands to live a healthy life and to refrain themselves from the behaviors that would deter their dreams and ruin their beautiful life journeys because this is the time where their families and communities need them most. I also challenge them to come back at KIU and pursue a postgraduate course in order to seal their knowledge in their respective areas of specialization. 

To students, I encourage them to stick on the main agenda and also, not to indulge themselves in activities that would put them at a risk of not completing their courses.

Congratulations Dasan, we are so proud of you.