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KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony: Ines Kanyamuneza: A Champion On and Off the Court


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Ines Kanyamuneza, a star player for the KIU Rangers basketball team, has not only excelled in her beloved sport but also in her academic pursuits. This Saturday, she will proudly graduate with a Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) at KIU's 27th graduation ceremony.

For Kanyamuneza, the journey to this milestone was not easy. Balancing academics and basketball was a challenging task, but she is grateful for the opportunity to achieve her academic dream.

"I feel good that I am going to graduate. It wasn't easy at all, but God has done it, and I'm grateful," she expressed.

The beginning of her academic journey posed a unique challenge for Kanyamuneza. As someone who had studied all her primary and secondary school subjects in French, she had to first complete an English program.

"It wasn't an easy journey for me from the beginning where I was required to first study an English program which sounded a bit hard especially when you've studied all your primary and secondary school in French. I found it hard and no one could encourage me to do the course I did because of the language but I had no option than doing it."

Being a basketball player and competing in the national league added another layer of difficulty to Kanyamuneza's already demanding schedule. Many of her friends believed that studying Information Technology while pursuing basketball was an insurmountable task. However, she remained resolute in her determination to succeed. Despite the skepticism, she trusted in herself and in God, stating, "I said to God that we're in this together. I must study, and I won't fail whether I know English or not,"

"I had it deep inside me that, I have to pass and finish this Course, now am going to graduate, thanks to God who has enabled me to finish the course."

Kanyamuneza gave sports and academics, each its ample time and made sure she avoids procrastination. She recognized the limited time she had compared to her classmates who focused solely on their studies.

This awareness led her to be diligent and focused during her study sessions and equally dedicated to her training and games.

"Avoid procrastination where you say, I don't want to do it today, I will do it tomorrow, know there's no room for that and I found it helpful because there's no time to waste."

Kanyamuneza attributed her ability to balance sports and academics to the positive impact basketball had on her life. She found that playing the sport helped her cope with stress and fatigue.

"Playing basketball has been helpful for me, especially when it comes to studies. Even in normal life, for example, when I'm exhausted and stressed, I go to play basketball. In most cases, I come back when my head is fresh, which helps me to read books," she explained.

"If you want to manage academics and sports, you have to know that your time is limited. When it's time for books, you have to be serious and focused. The same applies to your sport because you don't have time," she advised.