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KIU 27TH Graduation Ceremony: Mugisha Wants to Use Legal Knowledge to Defend the Environment


KIU, Main Campus-Herbet Mugisha who is set to graduate with a bachelor of laws during KIU'S 27th graduation ceremony on Saturday 17th June 2023 is convinced, laws can be used to defend the Environment. The legal gladiator believes laws can change the face of society once properly enforced.

Mugisha has disclosed that he is feeling very happy that he is finally achieving his dream degree after what he called an amazing journey.

"I am really so happy to have completed my dream course from KIU. It has been an amazing journey of four years at Kampala International University," he said.

"My time at the institution has been a joyful and educative one, for instance, I have gotten a chance to meet new people from all corners of the earth. This is an amazing feeling and I look forward to having some more time at KIU through the extension of my studies."

"Kampala International University is an institution that has given me a chance to explore different heights in many lifestyles and therefore my time at KIU can also be described as an educative one," he admitted.

Mugisha joined KIU in 2018 and the legal knowledge he's attained is enough for him to change or influence change in society. He feels very confident that he now wants to put that knowledge into practice with his priority in environmental conservation.

"I intend to use the laws to fight and defend the environment. This is already in existence whereby I and a small team of few distinguished individuals have designed a mechanism of spreading and preaching the gospel of environment protection and Preservation through writing articles about environment protection and Preservation," he said.

"These articles are posted on our various social media platforms and a blog spot at"

"We believe that through the power of information, we can cause a great impact on people if it is consumed properly. As someone interested in environmental law, I believe that it can be used as a tool to create a better environment for ourselves. Therefore, the legal knowledge I have acquired at KIU  will help me in making society a better place to live in."

Unlike most graduates, Mugisha intends to answer the age-old question, "After graduation, what next? in a rather very unusual way.

"My plan after graduation is to use the knowledge I have acquired from KIU to create jobs for myself than job seeking. This is already manifesting in what am doing already, for example, the creation of an NGO that intends to preach environment protection and Preservation gospel," he said.

"Most of us the youth think that we must be employed. This narrative should be changed, let us focus on creating our own jobs. This will help in reducing unemployment among the youth. I call upon all the fresh graduates of to focus on starting up something than looking for jobs," he advised.