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KIU 27th Graduation Ceremony: My Commitment is to make a Difference in People’s lives— Fahad Ntulume


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Fahad Ntulume, a graduating student at KIU’s 27th graduation Ceremony, is driven by a strong commitment to make a difference in people's lives. His master's degree in statistics has equipped him with the tools to inspire others and help them overcome challenges. Ntulume aims to empower the youth in rural communities and schools by using advanced statistical techniques to elevate their self-esteem.

"I believe that the youth of our world need heroes and role models who can positively influence the direction of their lives," Ntulume expresses. "My goal is to reach out to various rural communities and schools, sharing messages of self-esteem, purpose, and hope, while applying the advanced statistical techniques I have learned at KIU."

Ntulume reflects on his educational journey at Uganda's leading private institution with deep appreciation and satisfaction. Studying his postgraduate degree at KIU has been meaningful and impactful. As a Senior Statistician, he now possesses the confidence to navigate the statistical world and apply his expertise to solve real-life problems in Africa and beyond.

Completing a master's degree demands commitment, hard work, and sacrifice. However, Ntulume believes that the rewards make it all worthwhile. He compares the sense of accomplishment to that of a mother who has eagerly awaited the birth of her child, finally witnessing a safe and successful delivery.

Throughout his university experience, Ntulume has learned numerous lifelong lessons. Among them, he emphasizes the power of collaboration.

"Effective collaboration is essential; working in groups is always smarter. The strength of teamwork is unbeatable," he acknowledges.

Despite the challenges of balancing studies, work, and family responsibilities, Ntulume successfully managed to attend classes and fulfill his commitments. He credits proper planning as the key to his achievements and expresses gratitude to his employer and family for their immense support. The unwavering care and patience of his wife and children played a pivotal role in his academic journey.

Upon completion of his degree, Ntulume is often asked the age-old question, "What's next?" His response reflects his belief in the transformative power of education. "Education is like a cash crop. The more seeds you sow, the greater the yields at the end of the season, regardless of other factors. Therefore, I intend to plant more seeds of education," he asserts.

Ntulume's commitment to making a difference in society using his acquired knowledge will manifest in his efforts to organize and engage community groups. He plans to speak to young people, inspiring them to dream and create a positive future for themselves.


"Just as a parent's love, care, and guidance for their children are never wasted, what you do for others will ultimately be reciprocated," Ntulume advises. He encourages fellow students and graduands to collaborate effectively with their peers, to pray, and witness how their partners naturally support and uplift them in all their endeavors.

Ntulume's story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the determination to create a positive impact in the lives of others.

Congratulations Fahad