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KIU 28th Graduation Ceremony: Meet Muhindo, the DJ Who Has Successfully Made it Through Pharmacy School


KIU, Western Campus – Herbert Muhindo, better known by his stage name DJ Riley Kyle, will be one of the graduands at KIU’s 28th Graduation Ceremony on November 25 at KIU Main Campus in Kansanga, where he will graduate with a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy degree.

Muhindo, who was a regular entertainer during KIU Western Campus events like Mr. and Miss Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Dinner and many others, says he decided to come to KIU because it was the best university to train the Pharmacy profession in Uganda.

“KIU is one of the leading universities in East Africa and the best university to train the pharmacy profession in Uganda and among the best in East Africa,” Muhindo says.

And he says he doesn’t regret his decision to join because of the wonderful training and skills he has got from there.

“The training I got from KIU School of Pharmacy was an excellent one. Reference is made to my excellence in the past Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda pre-internship exams,” he explains.

“I plan to use the knowledge I got from KIU to help the community through providing medical knowledge, motivate the students to continue working hard to pursue their courses, giving my medical services to hospitals and the entire community,” he notes.

Muhindo, who wants to upgrade to a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Technology, says he will never forget the medical outreaches, Pharmacy dinners, Pharmacy awareness week activities and the National Pharmaceutical exhibitions he took part of as a member of the Pharmacy School.

He also has a vote of thanks he would like to send to some people who helped him through his course.

“I would like to thank the almighty God who has enabled me to finish this course, my parents who have taken care of me financially and emotionally throughout this whole course, my lecturers, the entire pharmacy school, my classmates, my friend; Funda Daniel Michael(Former KIUPSA President), Muhindo Chrispus (BPHARM Graduate), Majimbi Julius(BCM Finalist) to mention but a few,” he shares.

He advises his fellow graduates to get ready to face the world out there.

“It's not the end of it all, make friends and connections, create bonds within ourselves and plan on upgrading for further studies. Never settle for less,” he advises.

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