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KIU 29th Graduation: “Concentrate on Creating Opportunities Rather Than Looking for Them,” – Hatim


KIU, Western Campus – Eemam Hatim, who will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at KIU’s 29th graduation ceremony on July 13th, 2024, has advised his fellow graduands to concentrate on creating opportunities rather than looking for them.

“My advice to my fellow graduands is to create more opportunities rather than looking for them because competition for the available ones is very high,” he says.

“Always remember that when you make it in life, you take all the credit and you have a greater chance of achieving this if you create opportunities for others because you will be having a bigger impact on society,” he adds.

He reveals that this is the reason why he joined KIU in August 2019 because he knew it would give him the opportunity to receive high-quality training and skills that would enable him to practice what he was competent at in the future.

Hatim promises to utilize all the knowledge he has gathered at KIU for the good of the civil engineering sector.

“I plan to utilize the comprehensive knowledge and skills gained from my civil engineering program at KIU to contribute to innovative and sustainable infrastructure development projects,” he vows.

He says he wants to return to KIU to pursue his Master’s Degree in the same field and fondly recalls the nice things he enjoyed during university life like visiting the Kitagata hot springs, a tourist location near KIU Western Campus.

He also liked the cool weather, conducive for studying, the inter-faculty football competitions and social gatherings like the Medical and Pharmacy dinners, which brought the students together.

Hatim is grateful to Allah for his guidance, wisdom and blessings, his parents for their unwavering support, encouragement and sacrifices, his lecturers and colleagues at KIU who provided valuable guidance, knowledge and support.